Why are envelopes different colors?

The color of envelopes have changed over the years due to supply issues. There have been all kinds of issues since the pandemic.

Initially, I used brown kraft envelopes, but after a while, I wasn't happy with the quality.  

I changed to a new envelope, which I loved and they were very reasonably priced. They were discontinued, probably why the price was so good. 

The next batch of envelopes didn't seal well, so I won't be using those. 

I'm in the process of finding new envelopes. I've noticed many 100% recycled envelopes are being discontinued. Also, the price is now increased by +400% compared to my last purchase. 

I hope to find a similar color to the last ones because I really would like to be able to stick to one color. I also would rather they not be white.

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